The architecture of the Huang He River Valley Civilization was not very ornate in the tombs. The ruler was buried underground with different chambers divided by their use. There was one chamber for the King’s servants to be buried in after they were killed, and a room for weapons to protect the King after death. There was also one chamber for the king to be buried in, in his beautifully designed coffin. There was also a chamber where the ceremonies for worshiping your ancestors would take place and where the sacrifices to them would be made. The tombs were then covered in wood supports and covered in dirt leaving a mound of dirt over the tomb.

Mounds such as these covered the tombs of the Huang He kings.

The Kings in the Huang He river valley were buried in beautiful coffins. The coffins were cover in lacquer and were covered in patterns and designs in the lacquer. Inside the coffin the King was covered in carved jade and jewelery.

This is what was placed on the King's body before he was buried.

Another form of Huang He art were oracle bones. These were first made in the Shang Dynasty. They were artwork that had Chinese pictures and characters on them to predict the future. The people of the Huang He made sacrifices to make their predictions more likely to come true. They also used them to communicate with with their ancestors which was very important to them people of the Huang He River Valley Civilization.
Oracle bone