ss.jpgThis artifact is a tablet of Hammurabi's Code. Hammurabi's Code was the first law code known to man. This artifact contains Hammurabi's Code inscribed in basalt. Hammurabi's Code was written by Hammurabi in 1727 BCE. This code was all of the laws that the people of Mesopotamia lived by. The codes were written by Hammurabi, the leader of Mesopotamia and were expected to be followed by Hammurabi. I chose this artifact because it has Hammurabi's Code written on it. It exemplifies the length of Hammurabi's Code and it had a picture on the top of Hammurabi as shown in the picture below. The people of Mesopotamia had a lot of rules to follow and had some harsh punishments that followed if the rules weren't obeyed. Hammurabi's Code was a long set of rules but were believed to be reasonable and fair by some and strict and demeaning by others.

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