‚ÄčClass Systems in the Huang He
Quilt with a picture of the Emperor being transported in his special chariot

In the Huang He civilization your class depended on the family you came from. The highest class consisted of the Emperor and his royal family. The Emeror was believed to have gained the Mandate of Heaven by ruling justly. Everything is good in the world when the mandate is there. But you can also lose the mandate. The families that the royal families were friends with were in the noble class. These people in the higher class lived in houses created out of wood, dirt, and clay.

Farmer in the fields
Farmer at work with his oxes

Peasants worked for the higher classes in the class system. The peasants lived in small houses but didn't even own any land. When agriculture was invented farmers becmae a little more wealthier. The men in this class mostly cultivated food in the farm fields and hunted animals for food. Women worked as baskett weavers and wine makers. Due to the large need of bronze objects by the higher classes bronze smiths also made a little more money than everyone else. Slaves though were in a lower class than the peasants. The slaves were usually captured enemies from the battles that were fought. Slaves were poorly dressed and didn't own very much or have much money. Sometimes slaves were even sacrificed during religous rituals.